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Work project

Analysis report templates for Retriever AB

A project to create all the PowerPoint templates for Retrievers analysis departments, to ensure the visual identity. A standing version for shorter reports and a landscape version for larger measurement analysis. The overview contains a selection of the 70 pages template in three color schemes that I made.

Starting point

This media coverage and analysis company was experiencing large problems with the material that was sent out to customers world wide in form of a non-consistent graphic line. The brand book was not followed, and there were as many versions of the way a report could look like as analytics employed.

My mission was to make a template in PowerPoint where every element followed or reflected the graphic profile. It should also be easy to use regardless of knowledge level of the user.


1. After taking in opinions and needs by mail survey from the users at the company in all the countries I put together a recommendation of limitations as well as do's and dont's. A wider color palette to match the number of decided variables was created in line with the existing three colors, together with the basic diagrams and icons to be used in order to keep the same theme.

2. The need of pre-written texts resulted in me writing pages in the templates ready to use. Different color schemes was a wish from the majority of users due to different customer business areas, as well as a smaller report template.

Overview of a selection of pages

Thumbnail of the standing report
Thumbnail of the frontpage
Thumbnail of the table of content
Thumbnail of the divider
Thumbnail of an overview page
Thumbnail of a social media page
Thumbnail of a statistics page
Thumbnail of a measurement page
Thumbnail of the method page
Thumbnail of the icons page
Thumbnail of the color page
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