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Work project

Custom Office icons for Rehngruppen AB

The company works with, among other things, building plugin applications for Microsoft Office programs. A need to update the icons in the program ribbon resulted in me getting asked to make a set of them. 

Starting point

Old icons needed to be more intuitive and in line with the existing brand manual, and new features had to get one new icon each. An export of the buttons was made and an explaination of the purpose of every icon was communicated.  


The icons had to be based upon the existing six colors in the graphic profile. They had to be logical and intuitive so some thought had to be put into the imagery. Also, there were different programs to regard: PowerPoint, Excel and Word. A request was to maybe use more than one color to make it fun, with the orange as the primary color. I used the different colors to distinguish between the parts in the functionality, and the example below shows the different icons but in no determined versions color wise.


Examples of the old icons

Thumbnail of the old icons

The updated versions

Thumbnail of the new icons
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