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Educational assignment

Brand Style Guide for Direktisolering AB

An educational assignment to create a brand style guide containing a logo, typography, color palette and imagery for a brand. There also had be a vision, mission, target group and key values. I chose to apply this to an existing company.

Starting point

This company initially only had a landscape logo and a primary color. They act as a subcontractor to various plumbing and construction companies, and their area of expertise is to insulate pipes. It can be anything from industry projects to residential buildings.


1. First, I built a brand identity by interviewing the owner and look at competitors in the same business.

2. Based on that and the existing graphic assets the style guide was created.

  • I made a pictorial mark to supplement the less applicable landscape version, and a color palette based on the tertiary principle with a take-off in the one color they had. 

  • The typography was to be easy to read, minimalistic and feel simple. The font of the headings was meant to bring to mind tubes (which they work with) with the rounded shapes and still retain readability.

  • The icons are thin, clean and have rounded lines to follow up on the feel of the fonts. There was both simple basic variants or more detailed ones as a complement instead of other graphics.

  • The imagery reflect the company's principles and harmonize with the color palette. Cheerful people, concentrated at work, calm and warm pictures. They convey security, order and professionalism (based on their principles). The images that are in different situations and environments are in line with the viewer to reinforce the feeling that we are on the same level, collaborating, a bit like seeing things firsthand. Images come in three categories: environments, details, and situations.

3. A page with mockup examples of how to combine different colors etc for the web, and one for print with business cards and merch as well as a striped car.


Overview image of the project
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