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Work project

Material for AMEC Awards Summit for Retriever AB

Retriever AB had the opportunity to host the international summit for AMEC, the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication. My mission was to take produce all the graphic originals as well as manage all the printed material and gadgets.

Starting point

All the summit products such as bags, signs, folders and badges was requested. Also, a webpage containing the schedule and other information during the summit needed to be made. The material had to express both the AMEC Association and the hosting company's graphic profile, and at the same time put focus on the summit taking place in Sweden this time.


1. First all the steps of the summit had to be mapped out to identify what needed to be produced together with my marketing colleague and the organisation behind the summit.

2. This mapping landed in one booklet with information about the summit and the sponsors, and one with the speaker biographies and programme. We also concluded that nametags, canvas bags, different gadgets, clothing, and signs needed to be designed. A simple webpage where the visitors can easily find the schedule and other information had to be provided. 

Overview of some of the material

Thumbnail of the gadgets
Thumbnail of the web page
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