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Work project

Almedalsrapporten 2016 for Retriever AB

In 2016 it was Retriever AB's turn to put together the booklet with the results of the measurements made regarding the Almedalen week. This was made every year together with Novus and Dagens Opinion, and the involved parties take turns in producing it each year.

Preconditions and requirements

The content was mainly delivered to me from the involved partnering companies, but also from organizations participating in Almedalen. The material consisted of raw text, photos and statistics. The Retriever graphic manual had to be used as base.


1. Organized the chapters and the related content, and made a draft based on the number of pages estimated for the inserts of the booklet. After approval all the designs such as icons, cover image and overall layout were made. Throughout the completion of the folder changes were made in the majority of the material which made it difficult to keep the original layout. 

2. After finishing the design the booklet was printed and distributed.

Overview of a selection of pages

Thumbnail of the cover
Thumbnail of the table of contents
Thumbnail of one of the cases
Thumbnail of the statistics
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